Many times real estate projects evolve into part of our cultural heritage, examples of bold
initiatives and sound investment decisions. In these instances we are no longer talking simply
about added value, but of a timeless, emotional value and of course, significant economic value.
We do work together to create this “unique value”.

Turnkey projects
We’ll do all the work, bathrooms, kitchens, patios etc. etc. Our unique designs will add a significant
value to your life. Just sign and you’ll be the owner of one of our unique designs.

Building your dream house
By building your own house, you will have the most influence in the design and construction of the
house. This means, you can build to your tastes and specifications, ideally creating your dream house.

Our qualified real estate appraisers can establish market values and prepare detailed reports
on all types of properties for investments, insurance, financing, auditing or tax purposes.

No matter what home you dream of, Smart Homes Realty can find it. Whether you are looking
for your first house, a secondary home, great investments or just a vacation home,
Smart Homes Realty knows the real estate market on the Island.

Are you an owner interested in selling a home? A smart sale is one that’s quick and profitable
and that’s exactly what we want yours to be. We will give your property the exposure it
deserves, from listing your home to closing the deal.

Whether you are a property owner or a prospective tenant, Smart Homes Realty can assist you.
Looking for a primary residence? We offer great selection and outstanding value.